We’re committed to our high 2020 benchmarks.

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As we usher in a new year around the Noble Direct office, we’re dedicated to sticking with our resolutions. Our 2020 aims include helping one another whenever and however possible as we chase our ambitious targets. We’re also planning a wide range of team activities, from giveback events to networking conferences. For all of our team aims, we’re going to be using the following simple strategies to turn them into reality:

  • Getting Specific: There will be no vague 2020 goals for Team Noble Direct. We take the time to clarify our intended outcomes from the outset. This allows us to create specific action plans, and more easily measure where we are in the process.
  • Celebrating Progress: Every small milestone on the path to a big win is worth celebrating. That’s our belief, anyway, and it’s why we maintain such a positive work atmosphere. We’re proud of what we achieve, both individually and as a team. Taking time to highlight what we’ve done is an ideal way to keep pushing forward with optimism.
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  • Spreading the Word: Just like we’re doing here, we enjoy discussing what we plan to achieve, and the wins we’ve already racked up. We share details of our goals with each other and with our friends and family, to give ourselves even more incentive to succeed.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the Noble Direct family. To get updates on everything we’ve got cooking, follow us on Instagram.